A Sport Volunteer: Senem Ülker

Senem Ülker started her sport life at the age 11 with swimming at Göztepe Sports Club. She transferred to Kınalıada Water Sports Club in 1987. She represented Turkish National Team in many championships in between 1983 – 1990.

She continues her masters swimming career in Marathon Masters Club.

How did she become a apart of Sport Volunteers?

“Swimming improved my personal life and career. We are an inactive society. I became a sport volunteer to promote doing exercise in our daily life.”

Senem Ülker’s Biography

She was born in Stuttgart in 06.07.1971. She graduated from the department of Textile Engineering in Albstadt Ebingen University. She continues her professional career as a retail director at Hugo Boss. She has an 11- year old son, Ata.

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